September 28, 2008

Hello all

See below for information about my new website This wordpress blog will no longer be updated.

New website

August 23, 2010

I have created a new website that will be used to showcase my past and future releases for FSX. Here you will find links to the popular Ant’s Aussie Airports which features over 30 freeware Australian airports and airfields as well as the freeware DeHavilland DH82 Tiger Moth aircraft. You can also find some cracking screenshots of my first payware aircraft, the Tecnam Sierra Light Sport Aircraft.

Visit now at

De Havilland Tiger Moth V1.1 released

February 16, 2010

The V1.1 update to the Tiger Moth is now available (follow the link in the aircraft page).

V1.1 adds the following:

– Fixed the turn rate indicator
– Fixed the airspeed indicator so it reads 0 if pitot cover left on
– Removed stall warning
– Fixed texture fallback problems with VH-DHA
– Added missing texture region on ants_DH82_Levers texture (hook on throttle control)
– Filled 3D mesh holes in wings near ailerons
– Turning off com radio will turn off avionics master switch
– Added lubber line to compass
– Added a cover to cover the cockpit when parking the aircraft (see animation manager). Note: close doors and remove pilot and passenger before using the cover.
– Changed compass pointer to a more accurate model
– FDE – removed the tendency of the aircraft wings to self level in a turn
– FDE – changes to the spin characteristics, left hand spins seem to work much better than right hand spins. I don’t know why.
– FDE – changed side slipping to allow greater yaw. Need to drop the leading wing to maintain the side slip.

Version 1.0 repaints are 100% compatible with V1.1.

De Havilland Tiger Moth

January 28, 2010

I’m pleased to announce the arrival of my first ever airplane, the De Havilland Tiger Moth DH-82A. Full details and the download link can be found on the Aircraft page. Hope you like it.

Boonah airfield RELEASED

October 22, 2009

Boonah airfield is a small but busy GA strip about 70km SW of Brisbane. This scenery includes about 9sq km of photoreal ground textures and is available from either or Note that this field is not included in Ant’s Aussie Airports Complete.

Ants Aussie Airports Complete

August 5, 2009

This package includes the complete collection of Ants Aussie Airports Volumes 1 to 9. It includes 33 airports, airfields and helipads across Australia. Most of these airports include photoreal ground textures which are designed to blend best with the payware FTX textures. It is therefore recommended that you have these installed to see the airports at their best.

I have also taken the oppurtunity to make a few minor tweaks and bug fixes to the scenery since its original release as separate volumes. The most visible change is that Cooma, Tumut, Tindal and Darwin now have more accurate runway markings.

As this is a large download (312MB) it is only available from aussiex at the moment.


Includes the following airports:

New South Wales and Victoria

Cooma YCOM : Regional airport
Tumut YTMU : GA airfield
Polo Flat YPFT : GA airfield
Khancoban YKHA : Snowy river hydro company airstrip
Geehi : Landing ground (nrst YKHA 14910)
Adaminaby YADY : Light GA airfield
Gundaroo YGDO : Private airfield
Wedderburn YWBN: GA airfield
Wilton YWIO: Sydney Skydiving
Evans Head YEVD: old RAAF base
Casino YCAS: GA and glider airfield
Sth Grafton YSGR : GA airfield
Warnervale YWVA : GA airfield
World Trade Centre Helipad YWTC : Helipad on the Yarra River, Melbourne
Yarra Bank Helipad YYBK : Dual Helipads on the Yarra River, Melbourne


Longreach YLRE : Regional airport
Barcaldine YBAR : Regional airport
Rockhampton YBRK : Regional airport
Bundaberg YBUD : Regional airport
Hamilton Island YBHM : Regional airport
Lady Elliot Island YLTT: Private island resort airfield

Northern Territory

Darwin Intl YPDN : International, Regional, GA and RAAF Base
Tindal YPTN : RAAF Base shared with Regional airport for Katherine
Darwin Hospital YXDH : Helipad
Robertson Barracks YRBK : Army helicopter base
Emkaytee YMKT : Light GA airfield
Batchelor YBCR : Skydiving airfield
Crab Claw Is : Small airstrip (nrst YDLV 19710)
Delissaville YDLV : Small airstrip
Dum in Mirrie Island YDII : Small airstrip
Albany Park : Old WWII RAAF base (nrst YBCR 18002)
Dundee Beach : Small airstrip (nrst YDII 18005)
Coomalie Creek YCCR : Old WWII RAAF base


July 1, 2009

Now available from and is Hamilton Island. Not only do you get the Hamilton Island airport with it’s spectacular runway but also full photoreal coverage of the whole island as well as nearby Dent Island.


June 1, 2009

There have been a few problems with people sinking at Lady Elliot Island. I have written a patch to fix this and have only just now uploaded it to and Make sure you download this patch when you download Ants Aussie Airports Vol 8. You can get this patch at or from (just use the search function and search for “Ants Aussie Airports”).

The patch will also fix a minor problem with the runway lights at Bundaberg so it is recommended that everyone who downloaded Vol 8 should also download this patch.

Sorry about the stuff up (bound to have one eventually).

Ants Aussie Airports VOL 8 : Bundaberg and Lady Elliot Is RELEASED

May 28, 2009

Volume 8 contains Bundaberg and Lady Elliot Island, both in Queensland, Australia. The download is available from either (search using “Ants Aussie Airports”) or from the aussiex website

Ants Aussie Airports VOL 7 : Central QLD RELEASED

March 13, 2009

Rockhampton, Longreach and Barcaldine rendered in stunning detail. Apart from the usual custom 3D objects and photoreal ground textures these airports also feature custom runway and taxiway markings which you usually only find in payware products.

Download Link:

Ants Aussie Airports VOL 6 : NT RELEASED

January 19, 2009

This new volume includes 8 airstrips around Darwin. Includes the light sport airfield at Emkaytee, the skydiving club at Batchelor, the fishing resort at Crab Claw Is as well as Albany Park, Dundee Beach, Dum in Mirrie Island, Coomalie Creek and Delissaville.