PREVIEW: Ants Aussie Airports 1 : Snowy Mountains

Hello all

After a while trying to get to grips with the new FSX way of doing things I’ve finished a few airports and I can now evaluate what needs to be done. “Ants Aussie Airports 1 : Snowy Mts” will be released within maybe a month (fingers crossed) and will include the following airports:

Cooma – Snowy Mountains
Polo Flat
Geehi Landing Ground
Mt Hotham

This pack will be available for download from (a direct link will be made available on this blogs download page).
As mentioned before most of these airports will contain photoreal ground textures which are designed to blend in with the payware FTX ground textures (available from If you do not have these textures then I don’t think the airfields will look all that good so I highly recommend you get them as not only do they contain better ground textures but they also include new coastlines and roads which are sooo much better than the FSX default.

All the airfields will contain mostly original 3D objects (eg hangars and buildings and cars etc) with the use of generic library objects kept to an absolute minimum (I really don’t like arriving at an airfield to find the same hangars that were at the airfield I departed from 😦 ).

Nearly all of these fields will also contain airport data so you can select them as a start location and they will also appear on the FSX GPS and map. The only exception will be Geehi because it doesn’t have an ICAO code (Geehi is usually a camping ground).


I can also now reveal what the future airport packs will contain. Note that these lists are not a 100% guarantee of what will appear nor are the lists in a fixed order (ie I could release the packs in any order).

Ants Aussie Airports : Southern NSW

Wilton (Sydney Skydiving)

Ants Aussie Airports : Northern NSW

Evans Head
South Grafton
Swan Bay
McIntyres Field (Palmers Island)

Ants Aussie Airports : Southern QLD

Hervey Bay (depends if ORBX ever release their version)
Lady Elliot Island
Brisbane International (well, I have the models for it so why not?)

Ants Aussue Airports : Northern QLD

Hamilton Island
Lindeman Island

Ants Aussie Airports : NT

Darwin International
Darwin Hospital
Robertson Barracks
RAAF Tindal
Dum in Mirrie Island
Albany Park
Dundee Beach
Coomalie Creek

6 Responses to PREVIEW: Ants Aussie Airports 1 : Snowy Mountains

  1. UKV1277 says:

    This looks great, glad to see you’ve taken to FSX so well. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Aussiecop says:

    Mate, cant wait to see Bundy and YBBN, Ozx needs more people to attempt major airports, I cant wait to see them!

  3. Hermann Kuhne says:

    Can’t wait for the airports/fields to come! Makes for great flying.

  4. Tom says:

    hey dude; when will the lindeman island a/p be coming along?

    • anthony31fs says:

      Lindeman Island is more like an airstrip rather than an airport. I may end up not doing Lindeman Island. It is part of the next release which will include Longreach (done), Barcaldine, Rockhampton and Hamilton Island. It may take me a month or two to finish these off though.

  5. Tom says:

    Oh okay;

    yes I am aware that it’s an airstrip…however after being there a week ago I thought it’d be nice to fly in…then found out that FS doesn’t have it 😦

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