Ants Aussie Airports Vol 2 : NSW RELEASED

Volume 2 is now available for download from avsim (you do need an avsim account to download files but it is free). It includes Wilton, Wedderburn, Gundaroo, Evans Head, Sth Grafton and Casino as well as a super special secret bonus.

The next volume will contain Darwin Intl as well as Darwin Hospital helipad and the military helipads at Robertson Barracks. With any luck it will be ready for Christmas.

Thank you to all those people who have posted and emailed comments. Much appreciated (smiley face emoticon).

4 Responses to Ants Aussie Airports Vol 2 : NSW RELEASED

  1. Lou says:

    Well done, again – thanks much.

  2. tim johns says:

    hahaha we have spoken briefly via email about your darwin intl scenery…and when i read maybe ready for xmas you got me all excited cos i will have a new gpu so my frames wont be affected at all…..ive been waiting very patiently hehehe anyways ive downloaded nsw airports and i have flwon all of the snowy mountains airports and it was just fantastic your work is great cheers mate


  3. Jay says:

    Hey Anthony, I would just like to say that you have once again done a fabulous job mate!

  4. john says:

    G’day Anthony, fantastic job of the airports and helipads. Thankyou very much for your efforts, keep up the good work.
    Cheers, John W

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