Ants Aussie Airports VOL 6 : NT RELEASED

This new volume includes 8 airstrips around Darwin. Includes the light sport airfield at Emkaytee, the skydiving club at Batchelor, the fishing resort at Crab Claw Is as well as Albany Park, Dundee Beach, Dum in Mirrie Island, Coomalie Creek and Delissaville.

5 Responses to Ants Aussie Airports VOL 6 : NT RELEASED

  1. Jean-Paul says:

    Thank you so much Anthony. Please keep’em coming.


  2. Mark Bundy says:

    Thanks a lot Anthony! This is will be great for the Darwin area. Keep Up the good work, hope to see Brisbane Intl in volume 7 😀

  3. Tim johns says:

    From all the boys at Australian Frontier and myself…Thankyou….we love jumping in our 206 stationairs and C182’s and other cross country aircraft to fly to these fields…and we do it regularly…everytime you release a volume actually…and we are all looking very forward to the queensland releases 🙂
    Keep up the great work mate.

  4. Vini says:

    Thank you very much for this work and your share.
    It is a pleasure to fly over your scenaries.

  5. Max says:

    Well Done Anthony…

    It is good to see that atleast someone is imporving the virtual scenery around Australia. Keep up the good work!

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