Ants Aussie Airports VOL 7 : Central QLD RELEASED

Rockhampton, Longreach and Barcaldine rendered in stunning detail. Apart from the usual custom 3D objects and photoreal ground textures these airports also feature custom runway and taxiway markings which you usually only find in payware products.

Download Link:

10 Responses to Ants Aussie Airports VOL 7 : Central QLD RELEASED

  1. Tim johns says:

    wow!!! once again you give the boys a reason to fly in fsx….going to be a bit diffrent this time i believe we are going to use regional aircraft cos our cessna 206’s may take some time to get to em all lol.
    thanks Ant keep up the great work, the new airports are jaw dropping.

  2. John York says:

    Hi Ant

    Thanks for another group of airports to play with.

    One thing. I’m always a little confused by your reference to the ‘Effects’ file in the readme. When I drag and drop into my Ants Aussie Airports folder, the whole lot seems to go except the readme.

    Everything seems to work fine but should I be looking for the effects folder separately and placing that as the readme suggests or is it already there with the first download?

    I apologise for using this as a ‘help’ page but couldn’t find another way to contact you.


  3. anthony31fs says:

    If in doubt, read the manual John. The readme is a simple text document which is required by avsim. If I don’t include one they will delete the upload.

    There is PDF file which will explain the process of installing and it includes pictures which should help clear up any confusion!

    The file is found in Ants Aussie Aiports/Documentation/Ants Aussie Airports 7 Manual.PDF

  4. John York says:

    Well, I’ve read the manual for the third time and looking at the pictures in it, all I seem to be missing are the aircraft and parked cars at Longreach.

    These weren’t a piece of window dressing on you part were thaey Ant?


  5. anthony31fs says:

    Check your scenery complexity settings and make sure that they are at extremely dense to get all the cars. Which aircraft are you missing? As the small GA aircraft are added as AI traffic while the 707 and 747 are static aircraft. Make sure your traffic settings are at 100% for GA traffic (and that you are also there at early morning or dusk as they planes usually fly off to Barcaldine or Rockhampton during the day).

  6. John York says:

    Ah, thanks for that Anthony. I have my FTX settings for Aviation Traffic at those recommended by John V. I think they can be upped though. It just never occurred to me to change them.

    How do you put up with idiots? Or am I the only one?

    Best wishes, and thanks for your patience.


  7. John York says:

    Yep, got it all now. Even had the pleasure of seeing one of them taking off. Don’t think maxing out the AI and GA traffic settings had a too disastrous effect on performance although the frame rate did drop below 20 at times.

    Thanks a lot Anthony.


  8. Kris says:

    Hi Anthony. What a great thing you’re doing for us Aussie flight sim fans! Thank you. Is southern Queensland still in the pipeline? Am keen to see Bundaberg happen (and may even be able to help a little on that one if you need it).

  9. Baden Bradbury says:

    Hi Ant
    I am keen to have a look at these Central QLD airports but the avsim link does not find any download file. I searche dthe site and it currently only shows two titles Tindal and the Melbourne helipads. Can you advise where I might be able to download from.
    Many thanks for your wonderful work as well.

    • anthony31fs says:

      AVSIM was unfortunately hacked a couple of years ago and most of my stuff was lost. As AVSIM has such an awful upload system I couldn’t be bothered re uploading my scenery to their library.

      A search of the file library will show the files or you can go to to download the files.

      However, I recommend that you download the Ants Aussie Airports Complete which compiles all the individual Volumes 1 to 9 into one download as well as fixing up some errors. This is available from the aussiex link above.

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