Now available from and is Hamilton Island. Not only do you get the Hamilton Island airport with it’s spectacular runway but also full photoreal coverage of the whole island as well as nearby Dent Island.

17 Responses to ANTS AUSSIE AIRPORTS VOL 9 : Hamilton Island RELEASED

  1. Rod Vaughan says:


    Hamilton Island is fantastic … a couple of small problems though….
    The default runway is visible underneath the photorealistic one and the control tower and a few other buildings appear to be “floating” off the side of the hillside.
    I’ve installed everything exactly according to your instructions and have FTX Green installed.
    Any idea what the problem is?

    • anthony31fs says:

      Hi Rod.

      You probably haven’t installed everything exactly according to your instructions. The problem will be your scenery library order. You must ensure that “Ants Aussie Airports” is above your FTX entries. The default runway and buildings are appearing because FTX Green includes an AFCAD file for Hamilton Island (don’t ask me why, all I know is that it does). If the FTX scenery library entries are not below “Ants Aussie Airports” then this AFCAD is the one that will be used by FSX, hence the default runway and buildings.

      To check your FSX scenery library start FSX, click on SETTINGS, click on SCENERY LIBRARY. Now check that “Ants Aussie Airports” is above all the FTXAA entries (ie Ants Aussie Airports should have a smaller priority number and appear above the FTXAA entries on screen).

  2. Jacques says:

    You Sir. Are a genius. I am using all your packages and they are SUPURB. This one adds the cherry to the cake 🙂

  3. Donald Bailey says:


  4. I-cannot-get-Hamilton-Island,But-believe-I-have-the-others.Tried-to-leave-a-comment-on-the-OZx-Forum-but-I-was-advised-that-I-was-not-allowed/didn’t-have-per-mission-to-do-so

  5. Kris says:

    Beautiful work as usual Anthony! This is one my favourite airports and the island scenery is spectacular to fly over/around in an R22 or Hanglider.

  6. Matt says:

    Hi, I downloaded this product and everything is superb. I’m surprised it’s not payware! I am running FSX, but not FTX or whatever it’s called, and the only problem is that the runway is so blurry that I cannot even read the runway numbers on approach! I don’t know if that is because I am not using FTX, but okay. Any help?


  7. Calum Scott says:

    HI Love your work awesome. I love Hamilton Island but there is a square of land around the whole are that is just the default FSX grass lands. Don’t have AU Green. Other Airports seem to work fine.


    • anthony31fs says:

      Hi Calum

      This is a known problem and there is a way to fix it. It involves going to FSX/addon scenery/ants aussie airports/scenery and changing the file extension for CVX_aaa9HamiltonIs from .OFF to .BGL and changing the file extension for CVX_aaa9HamiltonIsFTX from .BGL to .OFF. These files handle the coastlines and due to the different coastlines included in AU Green (which are different to those in the default FSX) I had to include two files. One to line up with the default coasts and one to line up with AU Green coasts. By default my scenery is set up as if you had AU Green. Follow the instructions above to deactivate these FTX compatible coasts (changing the file extension from .BGL to .OFF will deactivate that particular scenery file) and activate the default compatible coasts. Please refer to the manual if you need more info as I wrote something in it about this problem. I’m afraid that because fof the way FSX handles coasts (which is very counter intuitive but too long to go into here) this was the only real solution. Just remember that if you do buy AU green to reverse the procedure (ie reactivate CVX_aaa9HamiltonIsFTX and deactivate CVX_aaa9HamiltonIsDefault.

  8. I have the same problem as Matt above with Hamilton Island. The island scenery and surrounds, its buildings including terminal and apron are superb, almost as good as being there but the runway is blurry.

    I have FTX full terrain including green and plenty of computer capacity. Ants Aussie Airports is No. 1 in the scenery library.

    I find it a pity the runway is somethging of a blot on an otherwise remarkably true-to-life presentation which is a crdit to you.

  9. Jeux says:

    jolie post , merci pour l’info

  10. anthony31fs says:


    To change the file types you will need to be able to see the file types. Microsoft tries to save us from ourselves so by default it will not let you change the filetypes.

    In Windows XP click on My COmputer and navigate your way to the appropriate folder. Then, click on Tools/Folder Options/View and untick the box marked “Hide Extensions for known file types”. All your files will now show the file extension as part of the file name and you can easily change the extension by changing the file name.

    If you are using Windows 7 or Vista (I’m still on XP myself) then typing “hide extensions for known file types windows 7” into your favourite search engine should show you some web pages on how to do the same in W7 or Vista:

    • thanks for the help on changing the file format so as that the default terrain mesh dissapears all is good now Much appreciated =)

      Also i have been working on some free ware myself and was wondering if you know anyone who would take on the format change so as to put the models i am working on into fsx

  11. Matt says:

    You seriously expect me to enter my real email address here? Like I don’t have enough Nigerian crap in my in-box already?

    My old EXE for Hamilton Island seems incompatible with the OZX SCENERY 3.0 and GRAND CANYON. So I came here and joined to look for a possible update. Only to find endless error messages at every download attempt. That’s a great shame, for whatever reason it occurred – but it doesn’t dim my admiration for the creators of these FSX freeware addons – I just got the latest OZX 3.1. Great stuff. I’d buy a slab or two for you guys if I met you in person. And maybe throw in an extra 6-pack if you could make it compatible with my current installation of Hamilton Island… anyway



  12. anthony is there any chance that youguys could make a melbourne international airport for ants aussie airports ???

  13. Gday anthony just a quick question i had been reading the above conversations about the default terrain mesh showing through the aaa scenery if i could see my ants aussie airports scenery entry in the ingame scenery folder i could move it to above the ftx entrys but after i run the auto installer nothing shows up but it tells me that aaa has been intstalled and i have the problem of the defaulf mesh thing showing through
    can you give me some pointers

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