Boonah airfield RELEASED

Boonah airfield is a small but busy GA strip about 70km SW of Brisbane. This scenery includes about 9sq km of photoreal ground textures and is available from either or Note that this field is not included in Ant’s Aussie Airports Complete.

2 Responses to Boonah airfield RELEASED

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Anthony, this is beautiful work, I am learning to fly gliders at Boonah and the detail is very faithful. Sadly the Jacaranda tree outside the gliding clubhouse has died.

    I use x-plane as well as FSX and was wondering if you would be happy to have the Boonah scenery package ported over to that format. Its such great work it would be wonderful if it were available to that audience as well.

    Warm regards,


  2. Had Boonah on my Windows XP Media Center Edition but I cannot get it downloaded to my Flight Simulator X on this new computer I just purchased “Windows 7 Home Premium.” I believe it is in my computer but I cannot get it on/to my Flight Simulator. I wonder why? There is no better works of art than Anrthony’s !!! WOW!!!

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