De Havilland Tiger Moth

I’m pleased to announce the arrival of my first ever airplane, the De Havilland Tiger Moth DH-82A. Full details and the download link can be found on the Aircraft page. Hope you like it.

8 Responses to De Havilland Tiger Moth

  1. grumplstink says:

    Downloaded from OZx site, great Tiger Moth, especially pilot and extra animations and the textures and mesh really superb. I’m looking closely, just to try and figure out, how you managed to produce such a good looking model. Any tips or tutorials would be very helpful. Keep up the great work. Regards

  2. Knut Meyer says:

    Hi Tony, A beautifully renditioned Tiger Moth, thanks very much. However, I’ve come across one problem with it.
    When an aircraft enters a turn by applying a bank angle it is normal to return the joystick back to neutral position when the desired bank angle has been reached and the aircraft should, in calm conditions, remain in the turn with a pretty stable angle of bank.
    Not so with this model. It seems that when bringing the joystick back to neutral the Ants Tiger Moth returns to level flight. By holding the joystick over (left or right) in an effort to maintain the turn only encourages the Tiger to continue in the roll.

    I wonder whether this fault can be fixed?

    Cheers, Knut

    • anthony31fs says:

      It is not a fault Knut. The Tiger Moth will naturally return to level flight. Probably due to the dihedral angle and wing sweep. Remember, the Tiger Moth is an old biplane and it will not necessarily perform in the same manner as something like a cessna 172.

  3. Knut Meyer says:

    Hi Tony,I appreciate your explanation. If that is the case can you suggest a way to minimise the rate at which the Tiger rolls back to level flight? The way it is makes it abnormally erratic and un-realistic.
    I feel I should tell you that I trained on Tiger Moths for my CPL and I’ve instructed student pilots in the aircraft and I also owned VH-CJW for a number of years.
    But for the bank characteristics you have created a wonderful example of the DH82.

    Cheers, Knut

    • anthony31fs says:

      Just to let all know I have contacted Knut Meyer and hope to be working with him to improve the bank characteristics which I hope to include in a V1.1 update (which will also contain a few bug fixes). I’m certainly not afraid to take advice from any other real world Tiger Moth pilots if it means a better handling aircraft.

  4. davenunez says:

    Wow, beautiful work! I am really enjoying this classic.Really shows what FSDS in the hands of a skilled operator can do. And way to pack the doggy treats in the baggage hold 😀

  5. Matt Duren says:

    Thanks so much for the Tigermoth. Excellent aircraft and a joy to fly. Very generous of you to offer it as freeware. Just curious, on the youtube video demonstrating the operation, what scenery are you using? Looks very nice.
    Thanks again,

  6. Saxman says:

    What a sweet plane. It handles so well. The paint schemes are great. Again a pleasure to fly

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