De Havilland Tiger Moth V1.1 released

The V1.1 update to the Tiger Moth is now available (follow the link in the aircraft page).

V1.1 adds the following:

– Fixed the turn rate indicator
– Fixed the airspeed indicator so it reads 0 if pitot cover left on
– Removed stall warning
– Fixed texture fallback problems with VH-DHA
– Added missing texture region on ants_DH82_Levers texture (hook on throttle control)
– Filled 3D mesh holes in wings near ailerons
– Turning off com radio will turn off avionics master switch
– Added lubber line to compass
– Added a cover to cover the cockpit when parking the aircraft (see animation manager). Note: close doors and remove pilot and passenger before using the cover.
– Changed compass pointer to a more accurate model
– FDE – removed the tendency of the aircraft wings to self level in a turn
– FDE – changes to the spin characteristics, left hand spins seem to work much better than right hand spins. I don’t know why.
– FDE – changed side slipping to allow greater yaw. Need to drop the leading wing to maintain the side slip.

Version 1.0 repaints are 100% compatible with V1.1.

8 Responses to De Havilland Tiger Moth V1.1 released

  1. Carl Olson says:

    I think your aircraft is outstanding! Bravo, my man, Bravo!

  2. Brian Horsey says:

    Having flown in a Tiger several times, apart from the Gosport Tube and the wind in your hair, you have got it pretty much spot on.

  3. freeflighter says:

    Well done, the Tiger moth is great. The detail is phenomenal. I would pay money for this one.
    Oh, I did. Keep up the good work.

    Regards, freeflighter

  4. Richard says:

    Fantastic plane. you are to be commended on your level of detail. One question. After installing this plane I see that you now have v1.1. how do I install the patch. Do I install it over the old one?


    • anthony31fs says:

      Hi Richard

      Version 1.1 is a full package and to install it you just run the installer. It will overwrite the old one just fine. The only thing to look out for is if you have added any repaints. If you have added repaints to V1.0 make a copy of the [fltsim] entries in the aircraft.cfg file before you run the installer and then add this into the new aircraft.cfg file after you run the installer. There is no need to reinstall the texture files for any addons as they should not be affected and any repaints made for V1.0 are 100% compatible with V1.1.

  5. Richard says:

    Thanks Anthony. It worked. That’s a fantastic plane. As good as any commercial one I’ve bought. The quality is so high, you ought to be selling these.

  6. […] Bereits wenige Wochen nach der Veröffentlichung gibt es ein erstes Update. Die neue Version 1.1. beseitigt einige Fehler und bietet verbesserte Flugeigenschaften. Weitere Informationen und den Download findet Ihr auf Anthony’s Blog. […]

  7. James says:

    Hi Anthony. Fantastic model! We would love to use your Moth in our display and training programmes, would it be possible for you to release the LOD20 model (but with wing struts) as a standalone mdl file for AI purposes?

    We have created our own model sets for online flying and prefer to use aircraft with low polygon counts. The LOD20 Moth is perfect for that.

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