Ant's Tiger Moth

De Havilland Tiger Moth DH-82A V1.1

FSX SP2 compatible model featuring specular and bump mapping as well as smooth 3D gauges. This is a modern representation of the Australian made Tiger Moths that are still flying today so it includes a few extras that you wouldn’t find on the original aircraft.

Version 1.1 update includes a number of bug fixes, tweaked aerodynamics and two extra repaints (VH-BAL and G-BMPY which were available separately).

Download here:

Screenshots are available here:

If you enjoy this aircraft feel free to make a donation via payapal to the author. Minimum recommended donation is $5AUD to cover paypal fees. Note that the currency is in Australian Dollars. $1AUD is worth about $0.90USD at the moment. Thank you.

Donations via Paypal

17 Responses to Aircraft

  1. Sue says:

    Can’t wait to fly this Tiger Moth. It looks as good as your incredible sceneries. Thanks for them too!

  2. Jacques Alluchon says:

    Congratulations, for a first try you simply produced the best ever made Tiger Moth for FS.


  3. Pascal says:

    Let me just thank you for this utmost incredible aircraft. It’s unbelievable! Excellent model, awesome texturing, and dude, how cool is this animation manager?!

    Great, great work! I would be extremely happy to see you design other aircraft, but for now, I will just enjoy this masterpiece for as much as I can.

    Thank you!

  4. knack says:

    thx a lot mate!

  5. Nick says:

    In a hobby which has become far too commercialised and focussed on *selling* products, often with serious issues, poor support or dubious marketting this Tiger Moth release has gone a long way to restoring my faith in the hobby.

    Thankyou for taking the time to create this wonderful aircraft and providing it to the community for free. It was a pleasure to donate some money for such a quality and good natured release. I look forward to your future projects.

    Thankyou from a UK flight simmer.

  6. Ralf says:

    Many, many thanks, Anthony! First the great Airfields and now this awesome Plan. Very good yob!

    Best regards from germany!

  7. Jojo Schwan says:

    Big up! Thx for the aircraft.
    Just did some aerobatics in cooma with the tiger and really liked it. Then I had to walk the dog after in a snowstorm in Munich (different world!) and really felt the need to donate for the wonderful experience
    you gave me with your products. Running FSX with FTX,
    REX2 and your Tiger plus the airport package I even got good fps, honestly, it’s just fun to fly. The amazing thing is it is totally free!
    Comparing to so much crab out there on the commercial market, ingredible that people like you producing
    such a high-class aircraft for free.
    jojo EDDM,germany

  8. […] würde. Einige schöne Animationen runden das Modell ab. Nach den Angaben in Anthony’s Blog “ANTS AUSSIE AIRPORTS for MS FS9 / FSX” soll die Motte sogar slide slips, spins und s.g. windmill starts beherrschen. Ein Paintkit steht […]

  9. Roddymod says:

    Ever since I started this hobby some years ago, I have been waiting for a decent Tiger Moth model.
    This one ticks all boxes, superb detail and very realistic FDE. It handles almost like the real thing.
    Many thanks Ant, well done.

  10. Laurent THIBAUDET says:

    Many thanks Anthony for this great work worthy of the best payware.

    Congratulations from Belgium.

  11. GrantM says:

    Wonderful model, thanks for all your work and detailing … would love to donate something, but budget makes it impossible. Later …

  12. Tony C (Uk) says:

    Superb job for your first aircraft. Flies a treat.
    Been waiting for a decent Moth.

  13. Matthew says:

    Well done Ant. Bloody nice model. Deserved a donation. Too good for freeware.

  14. Xoruam says:

    I agree with Nick above.

    It’s really awesome to see that there are still some normal people out there, who care more about planes and their hobby, and not a money-grubbing bastards, focused on marketing and selling their productinstead of making it as perfect as possible.

    Truly an amazing job there ^_^

  15. Christian Staycer says:

    This aircraft is of near-payware quality. Five out of five stars for you.

  16. Martin says:

    Fantastic aircraft, thanks so much for all the long hours I’m sure you have spent making this aircraft such an joy to fly!

    Thanks so much!!!!

  17. This aircraft is amazing i love it.
    This plane is extremly well made (i love the fact that you have to start the engine with the props. )
    I would totally pay for this plane
    because it too good to be free

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