Links – Freeware Australian ground textures, scenery and AI for FS9 – Freeware scenery, aircraft and repaints for FSX – Payware Australian ground textures for FSX (plus freeware scenery and AI) – Australian online FS store – Australian Frontier virtual airline – A great little video program talking about flight simming!

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  1. Bernard M. says:

    Hi ! Bonjour Anthony
    Such a good idea your site !
    Bravo and congratulations for your wonderful work on Aussie add-ons. Such patience and such high-quality sceneries !
    And many thanks to put them to simmer’s community kindly on Web as freewares
    Best regards
    VOZ’s user
    alias heron72 on VOZ’s forum.

  2. Mike Garrahy says:

    Thank you,

    You must have spent many hours preparing your airfields.
    I am new to FSX and must admit I had some resverations
    about moving from FS9.
    I don’t normally post on forums so all I can say is developers
    such as yourself are taking flightsim from the stone age to the jet age,
    For a job well done,congratulations.

    Muke garrahy

  3. Clive (Ausie) Marriott says:

    G’day Ant, thanks for the Oz scenery. Very nice job. Wish I’d have tried it before I forked out $s for Warnervale.
    Not a great deal between them, I can see your hand in the payware version. Very close to my heart that airport as I was the developer of the FS9 version way back when. If you had in mind to take on any of my other NSW airports for FSX I have all the photos and textures you may need. Do a search at under my name for my work.

    Thanks again,

    Clive Marriott.

  4. Ben Dannecker says:

    Hello Anthony,

    I am an aviation historian currently researching the twelve purpose-built mountain airfields for exclusive use by the Snowy Mountains Authority Flying Unit aircraft in the 1950’s-1970’s. A comprehensive table has already been compiled as has an image file of SMA aircraft. Perhaps we can be of mutual assistance to one another?
    Let me know how I can help and I’ll let you know what I’m chasing.
    Best wishes.

    Ben Dannecker
    Nowra NSW

  5. Hans Korfage says:

    G’day Anthony,

    Thanks for the many wonderful scenery you have created so far. I just installed Bundaberg and Lady Elliot Island. Great job. However, half of Lady Elliot Island is only landable by a waterplane. On the other half of the runway it is possible to get your wheels on solid ground and not sink half into the runway. I have installed FSX.
    So, just a little hickup in the wonderful word down under.

    Best wishes,

    Hans Korfage
    the Netherlands

    • anthony31fs says:

      Hans: That is a little hiccup. Try downloading the 1.1 patch for Bundaberg and Lady Elliot Is. This should resolve the problem and allow you to land on the island.

  6. Shane says:

    Gday I am a big fan of your work. I would like to see some outback Western Australian Airports done. However some of the zip file i have downloaded from ozx seem to be corrupted is there anyway i can get your work somewhere else

  7. Shane says:

    Oh forgot to tell you that i have downloaded these files from two diffenet sources and all seem to just zay corrupt zip file i am not sure if this is just a vista 64 problem

  8. anthony31fs says:

    Shane: It could be a Vista 64 problem or something related to your particular system. Are you able to unzip other downloads without problems? The zip files were created with the inbuilt Windows XP zipper and I haven’t heard of anyone having any other problems. You could try a specialist unzip program like the free 7-zip. A quick Google search should turn up other options.

  9. mw says:

    Hi Ant

    Any chance you could try a redesign of YTEM – on an airshow day??



  10. T.S says:

    Hey Ant. You make payware quality airports at a freeware price. Just wondering if you would make a Tyabb airort. Tyabb is a great example of a small country GA feild that can get very busy on a sunny weekend. It also has a great airshow every few years and a large collection of Warbirds. It would be a fantasticx addon.
    Thanks, Tim

  11. Bradley Davies says:

    Hi Ant. your work is great quality and many FSX users appreciate it, people like you who put in the effort for no reward deserve a pat on the back. I think a good airport to do would be YBCS Cairns International Airport as the airport has just undergone a major upgrade and would look fantastic in FSX and as there are not any scenery that are available for the airport have a think about it. Brad 🙂

  12. James M says:

    Please do Williamtown/newcastle. An airport that is severly lacking in mfs and you did tindal so they would complement nicely.

  13. WARREN says:

    HI there Anthony…. Ive tried several times to downlaod Boonah but each time it says its not able to open it because its a corrupt or incmplete archive. Do you have any other place I can get it form please??? many thanks and keep up he great work.
    PS….love the tiger moth.

    • anthony31fs says:

      Hi Warren

      You should be able to get Boonah from the website if the one from aussiex isn’t working. Just do a file search for “Boonah”.

      I’ve also found at times that zip files can sometimes have trouble opening due to the operating system being used (yes, I know it sounds odd). I use the freeware 7zip program which will unzip just about anything in these cases. If the copy of Boonah doesn’t work either try using 7zip to extract the zip file.

  14. Troy says:

    Hi there, I really look forward to your work though I am having problems. Once installing I go to “Add Scenery” and upong navigating to Ants the folders appear emtpy??
    I am running FSX SP1 with Acceleration Pack and Windows 7.

    I truely hope there is a solution here.

  15. Howard says:

    Hi Anthony – Just saw your photos of the Techam at Avsim forum and was moved to add a post to the forum alerting your worldwide fans to be on the lookout for your latest creation. All of your work is very much appreciated. I have all of the Orbx AU and PNW regions and your addons as well.

    Thank you – Howard

  16. Brian Horncastle says:

    Hi Anthony

    I have downloaded the Aussie airports collection, It unzips fine and the installer seems to work too. However when I follow your directions to add the scenery in FSX I have a problem. Although I can see it in the add on scenery folder when I select the folder and click “Ok” it just opens the folder and shows the scenery and textures folders (clicking on those just opens them and no files appear).
    I have tried to install this twice with no luck – Any Ideas?

    Many thanks Brian

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