Ants Aussie Airports VOL 5 : RAAF Tindal RELEASED

January 6, 2009

RAAF base Tindal has been released and is available now for download from avsim. There is only one airport in this volume but as Tindal also has a civilian apron you can think of it as getting two airports for the price of one! Tindal is 300km SE of Darwin and makes a great companion airport for Darwin (not as far to fly to as other destinations).

Download Link:

Ants Aussie Airports Vol 4 : Darwin International RELEASED

December 23, 2008

2 and a half years after FSX was released finally there is a free version of one of the capital city major airports. Darwin Intl is located in the top end of Australia and is actually closer to many asian destinations than other Australian capital cities. With Darwin Intl you get three airports for the price of one. An International airport with an 11000′ runway, a military RAAF base and a general aviation centre. Also included is Royal Darwin Hospital helipad and the army helipads at Robertson Barracks.

Ants Aussie Airports Vol 3 : Melb Helipads RELEASED

December 6, 2008

Hello again

One for Aussiecop. A quick little release here of two helipads you can find on the Yarra River in Melbourne. You must have FTX Blue and the latest hotfix for these helipads to work well. FTX Blue redefines the coastlines for the Yarra River and the hotfix flattens it all out. Thanks to all who helped supply pics and testing. Now I’ll get back to Darwin which has been bumped to Volume 4 (for those who are counting.)

Note: All the Aussie Airports Volumes are self contained releases. What this means is that you do not have to install all of them or install them in any particular order.

Download from

Ants Aussie Airports Vol 2 : NSW RELEASED

November 30, 2008

Volume 2 is now available for download from avsim (you do need an avsim account to download files but it is free). It includes Wilton, Wedderburn, Gundaroo, Evans Head, Sth Grafton and Casino as well as a super special secret bonus.

The next volume will contain Darwin Intl as well as Darwin Hospital helipad and the military helipads at Robertson Barracks. With any luck it will be ready for Christmas.

Thank you to all those people who have posted and emailed comments. Much appreciated (smiley face emoticon).

PREVIEW: Ants Aussie Airports 2 : NSW

November 27, 2008


The second volume of Ants Aussie Airports is coming real soon (definitely within a week). It will contain scenery for Wilton, Wedderburn (pic above), Gundaroo, Casino, South Grafton and Evans Head plus a super special secret bonus.

Vol 2  is a standalone package. You do not need Vol 1 to use Vol 2.

Ants Aussie Airports VOL 1 : Snowy Mts Available

November 7, 2008

Volume 1 of Ants Aussie Airports is now available for download from

It contains 6 airfields , Cooma, Polo Flat, Tumut, Adaminaby, Khancoban and Geehi landing ground. Most have photoreal ground textures and use custom 3D objects. Download it directly via this link or use the file library search function and type in “Ants Aussie Airports”.

Ants Aussie Airports VOL 1 : Snowy Mountains in testing

October 31, 2008

Completed work on aaa1 and now need to give it a good solid testing to make sure everything works as it should (I always forget at least one thing). Expect a release next weekend (6th or 7th or 8th of November)

Airports included will be Cooma, Polo Flat, Tumut, Adaminaby, Khancoban and Geehi. I’ve left out Bunyan and Mt Hotham as Bunyan is apparently being done and Mt Hotham has been done by

PREVIEW: Ants Aussie Airports 1 : Snowy Mountains

October 24, 2008

Hello all

After a while trying to get to grips with the new FSX way of doing things I’ve finished a few airports and I can now evaluate what needs to be done. “Ants Aussie Airports 1 : Snowy Mts” will be released within maybe a month (fingers crossed) and will include the following airports:

Cooma – Snowy Mountains
Polo Flat
Geehi Landing Ground
Mt Hotham

This pack will be available for download from (a direct link will be made available on this blogs download page).
As mentioned before most of these airports will contain photoreal ground textures which are designed to blend in with the payware FTX ground textures (available from If you do not have these textures then I don’t think the airfields will look all that good so I highly recommend you get them as not only do they contain better ground textures but they also include new coastlines and roads which are sooo much better than the FSX default.

All the airfields will contain mostly original 3D objects (eg hangars and buildings and cars etc) with the use of generic library objects kept to an absolute minimum (I really don’t like arriving at an airfield to find the same hangars that were at the airfield I departed from 😦 ).

Nearly all of these fields will also contain airport data so you can select them as a start location and they will also appear on the FSX GPS and map. The only exception will be Geehi because it doesn’t have an ICAO code (Geehi is usually a camping ground).


I can also now reveal what the future airport packs will contain. Note that these lists are not a 100% guarantee of what will appear nor are the lists in a fixed order (ie I could release the packs in any order).

Ants Aussie Airports : Southern NSW

Wilton (Sydney Skydiving)

Ants Aussie Airports : Northern NSW

Evans Head
South Grafton
Swan Bay
McIntyres Field (Palmers Island)

Ants Aussie Airports : Southern QLD

Hervey Bay (depends if ORBX ever release their version)
Lady Elliot Island
Brisbane International (well, I have the models for it so why not?)

Ants Aussue Airports : Northern QLD

Hamilton Island
Lindeman Island

Ants Aussie Airports : NT

Darwin International
Darwin Hospital
Robertson Barracks
RAAF Tindal
Dum in Mirrie Island
Albany Park
Dundee Beach
Coomalie Creek

Ants Aussie IFR and VFR Waypoints

October 4, 2008

Here is the first thing I have done for FSX. A simple little thing but which adds a useful function to FSX as well as FS9 (compatible with both). This download contains two files which contain data for all 1699 IFR and 971 VFR waypoints in Australian airspace (as listed in ERSA, 5 Jun 2008). These waypoints allow you to make better (more accurate) flight plans using the MS FS flight planner. The waypoints will appear in the flight planner as well as the default FS GPS. The files have been tested in FS9 and FSX. To install simply place the files into your addon scenery/scenery folder (this is the only recommended location, see readme in the download for more details).


September 28, 2008

Hello all

See below for information about my new website This wordpress blog will no longer be updated.