Ants Aussie Airports VOL 8 : Bundaberg and Lady Elliot Is RELEASED

May 28, 2009

Volume 8 contains Bundaberg and Lady Elliot Island, both in Queensland, Australia. The download is available from either (search using “Ants Aussie Airports”) or from the aussiex website

Ants Aussie Airports VOL 7 : Central QLD RELEASED

March 13, 2009

Rockhampton, Longreach and Barcaldine rendered in stunning detail. Apart from the usual custom 3D objects and photoreal ground textures these airports also feature custom runway and taxiway markings which you usually only find in payware products.

Download Link:

Ants Aussie Airports VOL 6 : NT RELEASED

January 19, 2009

This new volume includes 8 airstrips around Darwin. Includes the light sport airfield at Emkaytee, the skydiving club at Batchelor, the fishing resort at Crab Claw Is as well as Albany Park, Dundee Beach, Dum in Mirrie Island, Coomalie Creek and Delissaville.

Ants Aussie Airports VOL 5 : RAAF Tindal RELEASED

January 6, 2009

RAAF base Tindal has been released and is available now for download from avsim. There is only one airport in this volume but as Tindal also has a civilian apron you can think of it as getting two airports for the price of one! Tindal is 300km SE of Darwin and makes a great companion airport for Darwin (not as far to fly to as other destinations).

Download Link:

Ants Aussie Airports Vol 4 : Darwin International RELEASED

December 23, 2008

2 and a half years after FSX was released finally there is a free version of one of the capital city major airports. Darwin Intl is located in the top end of Australia and is actually closer to many asian destinations than other Australian capital cities. With Darwin Intl you get three airports for the price of one. An International airport with an 11000′ runway, a military RAAF base and a general aviation centre. Also included is Royal Darwin Hospital helipad and the army helipads at Robertson Barracks.

Ants Aussie Airports Vol 3 : Melb Helipads RELEASED

December 6, 2008

Hello again

One for Aussiecop. A quick little release here of two helipads you can find on the Yarra River in Melbourne. You must have FTX Blue and the latest hotfix for these helipads to work well. FTX Blue redefines the coastlines for the Yarra River and the hotfix flattens it all out. Thanks to all who helped supply pics and testing. Now I’ll get back to Darwin which has been bumped to Volume 4 (for those who are counting.)

Note: All the Aussie Airports Volumes are self contained releases. What this means is that you do not have to install all of them or install them in any particular order.

Download from

Ants Aussie Airports Vol 2 : NSW RELEASED

November 30, 2008

Volume 2 is now available for download from avsim (you do need an avsim account to download files but it is free). It includes Wilton, Wedderburn, Gundaroo, Evans Head, Sth Grafton and Casino as well as a super special secret bonus.

The next volume will contain Darwin Intl as well as Darwin Hospital helipad and the military helipads at Robertson Barracks. With any luck it will be ready for Christmas.

Thank you to all those people who have posted and emailed comments. Much appreciated (smiley face emoticon).