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18 Responses to Introduction

  1. Quinny says:

    Just came across this Ants – What a nice touch – keep up the brilliant work mate and will look forward to any and all of your new stuff

  2. Terry Carr says:

    Ant. I have been a fon of your work since the early days, and it’s great to see you are still turning stuff out.. one question. Yuo lost forthcoming projects for most of the states, but nothing for Tasmania??? Teecee.

  3. Terry Carr says:

    sorry about all the spelling errors.. I had misplaced my glasses. Teecee

  4. anthony31fs says:

    Thanks Terry. There are no Tasmanian fields as when I started doing scenery for FS9 most of the Tasmanian ones had been done for VOZ. Hopefully the guys at aussiex will be doing a few more Tasmanian fields.

  5. Alfred Quintus says:

    Hi Anthony!

    Finally got around to install your amazing offerings and they are GREAT.
    Just wanted to say THANK YOU! If you ever consider doing Cairns that would be great !!
    Kind Regards and God bless


  6. Bernief says:

    Hey Anthony. You are sure keeping these releases a secret.

    Love your work and could not tell a lot of difference between your Warnervale and the ORBX payware airport. I know they also do the surrounding area but when you are landing at an airport, you don’t have much time to look at the scenery anyway.

    Keep up the good work. Between you OZx and ORBX, us Aussie flight sim addicts are well catered for. Cheers

  7. Adam says:

    Hey ant. You should make some alice spring scenery. I think it would be a nice addition to what you have.

  8. JohnY says:

    Hi Ant

    Thoroughly enjoying your work. Looking forward with great anticipation to NO.7 in the series.

    What’s it going to be and, more to the point, when?

    Thanks a lot.


  9. anthony31fs says:

    Thanks John, No 7 will have Longreach, Barcaldine, Rockhampton and Hamilton Island. I’ve been a bit slow in getting No 7 done as I had to spend about 3 weeks working on Hervey Bay for the ORBX team. Longreach and Barcaldine are done and I’ve started on Rocky so it should be another 3 or 4 weeks before No 7 is ready.

  10. Lou Frost says:

    Hi Antony –
    I just visted your newest three airports. What a nice treat, your scenery is. You have certainly mastered the art of blending your textures with FTX. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Frank says:


    I have just downloaded No 7 in your magnificent series.
    Another masterpiece.
    Well done.
    The FSX/ORBX community owe you a great debt of gratitude.
    Thank you so much.


  12. adamm says:


    I have downloaded Darwin and Tindal and they are fantastic. Just great how you have done the RAAF dispersals – very realistic! Quick ques are you supposed to set up 2 effects folders in FSX and put all yours in one. Is there a prob in putting your effects in the existing one as this is where I think mine ended up

    • anthony31fs says:

      Re: Effects. All my effects files are supposed to go into the existing FSX effects file. This is the due to the nature of FSX I’m afraid. There should be no problems with putting these in the existing effects folder as the names for my effects are unique enough so they don’t overwrite anything.

  13. Caveman says:


    I don’t have much spare time for FSX at the moment, but I must thank you very much for such a high quality product that you have obviously spent so much time on and then made it available to the FS community. I hate to say it but between your and Orbx products I spend as much time on your side of the ditch now as I do on my own. Keep up the good work and ever thought about doing any kiwi stuff?? Joking Mate – unless you do want to and I’ll be the first to download. Thanks very much again.

  14. doug says:

    i have all your work you have made avaliable love it ,the best freeware there is better than a lot of payware you said you wouldn’t do Tassie because others were doing it .true to a point some small ones which are exelent but not a thing on any airport ex Lton. by corby No Devonport Wynyard Smithton Hobart Cambridge Flindes Is King Is and two on west coast .could you please conside something for us pddr two headed Tasmanians. cheers Anthony great work Doug.

  15. Matt says:

    Hi, first of all, i just wanted to say thanks for the airports/scenery…. has made FSX so much better! I recently had to reinstall FSX and haveinstalled the complete series again, but am having trouble with rocky, i.e the default scenery is still appering in the GA parking area…. i tried reinstalling, but still no luck… im not really a computer whizz so i didnt want to fiddle with the settings too much toherwise i will end up loosing it! help please??!!

  16. Arjun says:

    Hey Anthony.

    Good work on all your sceneries and aircraft. I have heard many positive things about your scenery but the only reason why i’ve re-considered downloading scenery is because of my computer. It’s a XP SP3 3 GHZ dual core with 2 GB ram, 9800 GTX (1gb) graphics card. Mainly due to my ram, i get a lot of crap frames (around the 15’s) in major aerodromes on default aircraft 3D cockpit. I was just wondering if your scenery causes much of a fps loss. THis is the main reason why i haven’t downloaded any scenery because ih ave many pervious bad experiences with scenery from the past (not yours). If yours doesn’t take up much fps i would definitely go with it.

    Any tips greatly appreciated.
    Thanks heaps and trying out your tiger moth now 😉

    • anthony31fs says:

      Generally speaking you will find my scenery to be rather friendly on framerates. I use a XP SP3 3.14 Ghz dual core with 4MB ram and a 9600 GT (1GB) graphics card. The hardest on framerates would be Darwin but that is mainly due to the large number of buildings. Many of the smaller airfields have a neglible effect on framerates.

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