Ants Aussie IFR and VFR Waypoints

Here is the first thing I have done for FSX. A simple little thing but which adds a useful function to FSX as well as FS9 (compatible with both). This download contains two files which contain data for all 1699 IFR and 971 VFR waypoints in Australian airspace (as listed in ERSA, 5 Jun 2008). These waypoints allow you to make better (more accurate) flight plans using the MS FS flight planner. The waypoints will appear in the flight planner as well as the default FS GPS. The files have been tested in FS9 and FSX. To install simply place the files into your addon scenery/scenery folder (this is the only recommended location, see readme in the download for more details).

One Response to Ants Aussie IFR and VFR Waypoints

  1. Ron McKeirnan says:

    Thanks for this little gem! A much needed update for FSX when flying the aircraft that don’t use an addon-fms: vatsim ATC will often tell you to track direct to a waypoint that isn’t in FSX, or one tries to fly a STAR by hand from the DAP charts… Now all is possible. Congrats!

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